Title: "That's What I Like" Bruno Mars | by Vinh Nguyen

Channel: Vinh Nguyen

Duration: 163

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Directed, Produced, & Choreographed by: Vinh Nguyen
Director of Photography: Gerald Nonato
Edited by: Nick Kim
Costume design: Gabri Velasquez
Performed by: Vinh Nguyen, Anthony Lee, Justin Santiago, Bong Buno, & Trevor Takemoto
Special thanks: Kinjaz, Pat Cruz, Gabri Velasquez

Hey guys, I’m back on my YouTube after a long year hiatus. Only felt right to close out 2016 by jumping back on my own channel to really produce and put out something that was truly from me. This whole creative process has been a really exciting one! From the moment I heard this track off of Bruno Mars’ new album, I couldn’t stop coming back to it to jam out. For the movement, I attempted to capture the fun-ness of it (is that a word?), infuse it with natural grooves, keep it suave, and utilize song structure to really carry out a cohesive vibe throughout. I feel as if the dance didn’t necessarily need much, other than an aesthetic that captured the spirit of what it was, and what it’s trying to say.
On the shoot, I’m comfortably getting the hang of being able to set rehearsals, teach the dancers in a day or two, and improvise on the day to create freely and collaborate with such an amazing cast of folks. I’m so blessed to be able to work with the talents of these guys.
Like I stated earlier, I’m so excited for the end product of what we’ve created. And I know that I don’t want to stop creating for the sake of creating and sharing little chapters of my life. Where I’m at now, I simply feel more mature. More sure. More confident in my ability to execute a vision. More positive that I am where I need to be. I thank God for that. So with that being said… I present to you, “That’s What I Like”. There is more to come.

And a website that I’ll have coming through too ;)






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